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In our ongoing effort to be cutting-edge and to be of the most invaluable service to the members of our community, we have decided to create this "one-stop" page for most, if not all of your medically-related questions. Through the cooperation of

Below you will find several topics of interest: From simple instructions on care, to the history and treatment of injury and illness. Some of these Public Service Announcements are provided by third-party professional organizations, and questions or concerns related to their PSAs need to be directed to them. Their links will open in a separate window. Many formats will be in the form of an audio or visual podcast, which you may or may not wish to download.

You will also find links to well-known organizations that have long-standing reputations for a thorough knowledge-base that can be accessed by the general public. Please take the time to visit these sites.

Additionally, we here at the squad are in the process of videotaping some informative "What to do if..." segments, through which we'll explain (as we demonstrate) procedures you should perform following or preparing for an injury/illness.

For those who have a question, concern or suggestion that has not been best addressed, or has been raised by what you have just seen, you may contact the squad with your question by filling out the submission field above (please be as thorough and descriptive as possible so that we have all the facts when we answer your submission). However, if that question stems from a podcast, PSA or printed info from another organizations site it would be best to contact them first; however, we're always here to help.

Center for Disease Control

N.J. State Health Department

Central N.J. Blood Center

 American Red Cross of Central New Jersey

American Heart Association

"What to do if..." Squad's Medical Video-series


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Health Issues


Health Issues


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