General Membership Information

Applying for Membership


When the e-mail form pops up fill in the body with your name, address, date of birth, telephone number and best time to call.  Click on the send button and the e-mail will be sent to both the Captain and President, one of whom will send back an e-mail response acknowledging your request. A meeting will then be set up so that you may start the process of becoming a member. Be sure to ask any questions that you may have at this meeting.

Thank you for your interest!

What to Expect

After meeting with the membership committee you will be required to notarize a copy of the application form we will provide, and then you must provide us with a copy of a current physical examination from your physician. Once we receive your notarized application the squad initiates a criminal background check. Once all pre-admission requirements are successfully completed we will bring you into the squad as either a cadet or associate member.

If you are at least 21 years of age and wish to drive for the squad you must sign up for a CEVO (coaching - emergency vehicle operator) course that is generally 16-hours in length. During this course you will be specially trained to handle an emergency vehicle during emergency situations and under hazardous conditions.

As a member you will be required to obtain the Healthcare Provider (adult, child and pediatric) CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) certification - the cost to be covered by the squad. You may be assigned to a duty shift during your initial induction and while you are receiving your required certification training.

Following the successful completion of the CPR certification we will assist you in getting signed up for the next available and convenient EMT-B (emergency medical technician-basic) certification course. Again, the cost is covered by the squad. The EMT-B course is a minimum of 120-hours of emergency medical training, consisting of both written and practical examinations. Upon successful completion of the EMT-B course you will then be afforded an opportunity to take the NJ State EMT-B Certification written test. Upon successful completion of that you will receive a state-issued EMT-B identification card that is valid for three (3) years.

During that three-year period (and subsequent three-year periods) EMT-Bs must obtain a total of 48 CEUs (continuing education units) to maintain their certification. These CEUs are broken into CORE CEUs (mandatory on-going training) and Elective CEUs (training that the EMT-B decides he/she would like to participate in). Again, the costs for these training courses is covered by the squad - as long as the EMT-B remains a member in "good standing".

Our Squad

There are six (6) classifications of membership within our organization:

· Associate
· Active
· Honorary Life
· Honorary Active
· Active Honorary Life
· Honorary

Associate Member - (Generally known as probationary). These are members of the squad whom have no vote at meetings though they have voice upon the floor. These members may not hold office. Upon approval, these members may ride with a duty crew. Once an associate has completed all required certifications he/she will be assigned to a duty shift. Generally this status lasts for six (6) months before the member moves to active status. These members may become drivers for a duty crew prior to becoming certified EMTs, but they must be at least 21 years of age and undergo an approximately 16-hour CEVO (coaching - emergency vehicle operator) course.

Active Member - Members whom reside within any area serviced by this squad and/or reside within the township, and are at least sixteen (16) years of age. These members must meet the requirements of the 14th District (of the NJ State First Aid Council) and become certified as an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic. (Members between 16 and 18 years of age may become EMTs but may not operate without supervision and may not answer after the hour of 10 p.m. These members are classified as cadets ).

Honorary Life Member - Members who have committed themselves in service to the community as a member of LHFAS for ten (10) years and petitioned, in writing, for this classification. As with associates, they have voice but no vote upon the floor and may not hold office. Additionally, these members are exempt from all duties but may continue to ride as an EMT as long as they maintain their certifications.

Honorary Active Member - A former member of the squad who serves on a duty crew. Again, this member has a voice but no vote upon the floor and may not hold office.

Active Honorary Life Member - An active member who served at least ten (10) years with the squad and petitioned, in writing, for this classification. These members have both voice and vote upon the floor and may hold office, but are exempt from duties and meetings if they so choose.

Honorary Member - Any active member whom enters the “service of our country”, any active member in good standing whom resigns with good cause or any non-member whom performs outstanding service in support of the squad may be bestowed with this classification. These members are not subject to our by-laws and have neither voice nor vote.

Any community member who desires to assist the squad in providing this much-needed service to the community and desires to be part of a very exciting and rewarding team can contact the squad

by calling :     732-566-1763

by printing and filling out the following form:   Join

by writing us at:     LHFAS  P. O. Box 1146  Laurence Harbor, NJ  08879

or by stopping by the squad building, located at:    17 Laurence Parkway  Laurence Harbor

In addition to providing a critical service to your fellow man you will also experience great satisfaction as you undergo personal growth and improvement.


Though our organization is strictly volunteer in nature, there are a few “benefits” that help ease the sacrifice we make to give of our time, dedication and professionalism:

1. Members in "good standing" receive a $15,000. Life Insurance Policy through the township, which is payable upon the member's death.
2. As a member in “good standing” any usage fees (full or partial) payable to the township are waived upon showing proof of membership.
3. There is a $600.00 annual college tuition assistance program available to any member in "good standing" whom is a student and maintains a minimum Grade Point Average (the tuition assistance can be received for up to a total of four [4] years).
4. Members receive free EMS-relevant training; including training in advanced/specialized skills (i.e.: Water Rescue, Assisting the Paramedic, Pediatric Emergencies, Search and Rescue, et cetera) that the member may be interested in.