The WINTER of 2012

As many of may have noticed - No significant snow this year, and temperatures have gone from the 20s through the 50s. What that means is: We must all take care and guard our health more closely, for temperature swings that varied and spaced days apart lead to the cold or flu very easily. One key is to bundle in layers and adjust as your body goes through its temperature swings.


Preparedness planning for emergency situations should be an evolving project for you and your family. Routine evaluation of the steps you have taken to prepare your family will help strengthen your planning, and keep your family safe. You can prepare your family for emergency situations by evaluating the different incidents that could occur, as well as appropriate emergency responses. Keep in mind, you may not be home when an emergency occurs, but your children might.

To utilize your preparedness planning:
Make a preparedness checklist for your babysitter. Discuss how to handle various potential disaster situations, such as fire safety.
Help your older children become safe sitters by having them take the American Heart Association CPR and First Aid for sitters.
Conduct a home-hazard hunt to avoid injury and damage from ordinary items in the home. Anything that can move, fall, break or cause a fire is a potential hazard.

For more information:
Click here to get your children involved in preparedness planning
Click here for more information on teaching kids about emergency preparedness
Click here to locate your local emergency management office


"Help is on the way." Five simple words that mean a lot to someone experiencing a personal medical emergency. Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the first word in that simple phrase? We think you do!

As with every volunteer organization, membership is a constant challenge; but we are committed to being there when the call comes in - Consistently and professionally. To do this takes dedicated volunteers, volunteers like YOU.

Are you looking for personal challenges, growth and satisfaction? Are you looking to give back to your community? Do you believe someone should be there in another's time of need? Would you know what to do if your brother or sister, mother or father, or your best friend suddenly became ill or injured? Their best chance at survival could very easily lie in the skills and confidence you'll acquire once you become part of the Laurence Harbor First Aid & Safety Squad.

Which is why we are asking that any resident at least 16-years-of-age with the time and desire to become a valuable part of something very special contact us and let us help you get involved. It isn't always easy, but it will always be satisfying. So if you are interested we ask that you contact the squad by clicking on the above button or by calling: 732-583-1763 and leaving a message indicating your desire to become part of this exciting and rewarding team. The Captain or the President should get back to you quickly. For further details about membership please visit the "Membership" page of this website.