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Daylight Saving Time

It is that time of year again. Leaves turn, a chill is in the air, children back in school, candy being bought in preparation for All Hallow's Eve; not to mention planning for family gatherings and who'll cook the turkey, followed by Christmastime joy and past-times.

In the midst of all that, furnaces and fireplaces are being put back into service (and hopefully chimneys have been 'swept'). So, once all that has been accomplished we have to settle in for shorter days which means turning back the clock to Standard Time (and when you do re-set the clock remember to replace the batteries in all of your smoke and CO Detectors - remember, you are your own first line of defense against tragedy).

At midnight on Saturday, the 7th of November remember to set ALL your clocks, watches and timing devices back one whole hour.

CPR Classes

Sign up now for American Heart Association CPR or Basic First Aid classes.

Classes generally last 2 to 3-and-a-half hours and the cost is $40. per person (group rates can be arranged). Classes will be held at 17 Laurence Parkway at the Squad building.

Persons interested in learning the lifesaving skill of CPR, as well as Basic First Aid are encouraged to call 732-566-1763 and leave a message, or click on the "Schedule a Class" button below.

All class participants receive their own study book, handouts and a class completion or certification card.

Schedule a Class


Move Over Law Now In Effect

On January 27 of 2009 NJ Governor Corzine signed into motor vehicle law a provision that mandates ALL drivers on any New Jersey roadway to MOVE OVER one lane AWAY FROM ANY PARKED EMERGENCY VEHICLE with its emergency lights FLASHING.

If it is unsafe for a driver to "move over" then that driver MUST SLOW DOWN below the posted limit of that section of roadway until well past the parked emergency vehicles. These vehicles include Police, Fire, EMS and Tow Trucks as well as others defined within the law.

Please help to keep US safe so that we may continue to keep YOU safe.

The full version of the law can be found by clicking on the following link:    'Move Over'